A new healthy life

So, in April 2014, my sister approached me about not drinking so much coffee. I insisted she was nuts because if I didn’t have coffee I would suffer from a serious migraine. So, she suggested a drink called Spark. It was a healthy coffee she told me. So I tried hers. It was great!! I loved the way it tasted- and rushed to order some, not even knowing if it was going to provide the energy is was supposed to. Over the next couple hours I realized that I had accomplished a lot! Already excited that I ordered already, I made the decision to sign up as a distributor. Being a distributor I would get 20% off my product. AdvoCare was a health and wellness line and I was saving myself money on my Spark monthly. That first summer I co-coached my youngest daughters softball team. Would go to the park, play outside with my little ones. I have a more active, hands-on mom. I loved every minute of it!! I focused on changing my life and becoming a healthier mom- with a healthier family. I quit smoking(which I had done for years), I started running(which I never thought I would be able to do), I joined a gym and began grocery shopping different. My family didn’t even notice the changes I implemented at first. And they ate everything I made! And I have continued to make changes for my family and myself every day. I love where my life is right now! I love that I said yes to AdvoCare, and I love the journey I am taking with my family!