Spontaneous Move? Yes, please!! 

My husband is a mover and was being sent to Florida a lot. He was driving home one day in March, and we were talking on the phone. He was telling me how nice the weather was there and how he was going to miss it there. I was on the other end of the phone thinking “let’s just move”. I should add that this was in March, when it’s still cold and yucky here in Ohio. I would get text messages of him on the beach, Dolphins swimming past him, and screenshots of the weather.  


He came home and I said “let’s do it! Let’s move to Florida!” From that moment on that was our goal! Mike began to fill out applications and update his resume. We decided that we were going! From there it was kind of a whirlwind of figuring things out and packing. Boxes were being packed! The excitement was so real!  


We decided that I would stay in Ohio until August. I was coaching a softball team, so I needed to fulfill that commitment. I also have a friend getting married mid August and I won’t miss that. So I’m leaving the following day- August 16th- that day will mark the first day of this new chapter in our life. The hubby will most likely have to leave at the end of June. 

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this new chapter. I wish I could leave now! Everyday I get closer to my final destination, with my family. 

Live A Happy Life

My new charm bracelet says it all.. This is the root of what I try to do daily. We are all blessed with what we have- just take the time to enjoy it! Live, laugh, love! 

Have a great day!  


What AdvoCare Has Done For Me

In April 2014, my sister approached me about not drinking so much coffee. I insisted she was nuts because if I didn’t have coffee I would suffer from a serious migraine. So, she suggested a drink called Spark. It was a healthy coffee she told me. So I tried hers. It was great!! I loved the way it tasted- and rushed to order some, not even knowing if it was going to provide the energy is was supposed to. Over the next couple hours I realized that I had accomplished a lot! Already excited that I ordered already, I made the decision to sign up as a distributor. Being a distributor I would get 20% off my product. AdvoCare was a health and wellness line and I was saving myself money on my Spark monthly. That first summer I co-coached my youngest daughters softball team. I would go to the park, play outside with my little ones. I have been a more active, hands-on Mom. I loved every minute of it!! My family and friends started noticing the difference and asked what I was doing. I focused on changing my life and becoming a healthier mom- with a healthier family. I quit smoking(which I had done for years), I started running(which I never thought I would be able to do), I joined a gym and began cooking differently. My family didn’t even notice the changes I implemented at first. And they ate everything I made! And I have continued to make changes for my family and myself every day. I love where my life is right now! My everyday consists of Spark, Catslyst, and Muscle Gain-among so many others. Just in one year of being in this amazing company, I have made $1500 monthly and am on track to pin Gold. I love that I said yes to AdvoCare, and I love the journey I am taking with my family! There are no limits anymore! I am genuinely thankful for AdvoCare and everything they have brought to my family this past year. My three favorite products are:

1.) Spark for the reasons I listed above

2.) Catalyst – gives me the extra spunk I need to feel awesome and helps tone me.

3.) Muscle Gain – I love it because I can add it to just about anything knowing I get the extra protein and feeling full.”


It Just Keeps Getting Better! 

Just when you think that AdvoCare couldn’t top themselves, they do!!   

 GREEN APPLE is back!! For good!! AdvoCare brought back this “green jolly rancher” tasting mom koolaid in convenient new stick packs AND the new canister!!  


The new canisters are smaller with the same amount of servings per canister. This will make it so much easier to throw a canister in your suitcase or even your diaper bag! The new stick packs are so much easier to keep in your glovebox or your desk drawer!! Keep some in your purse for an afternoon pick-me-up or to share with a friend! Ask me how to save 20% on your product for life!!