The Cleanse Phase

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that I love AdvoCare! Although, I do my best to eat clean as much as I can. I do slip sometimes, I am only human. Every 3 months I do a Herbal cleanse. I love it! This cleanse is very “uneventful” and it will boost my energy, while making me feel great!! I get excited to start it every time!  


This time around I picked the unflavored fiber drink. There is also citrus and peaches and cream. I picked unflavored because I can mix it right in my Spark, which also comes in different favors: grape, cherry, mango strawberry, fruit punch, green apple, mandarin orange and pink lemonade. All are simply put, amazing! Spark is known as  “brain food”. It is a healthy source of energy without the crash. And then there’s the Catalyst. This is awesome. Catalyst helps to maintain muscle during workouts, and helps to repair muscle tissue. So, tomorrow is Day 1!   


Hopefully I remember to check back and post my day 10 pictures! 


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